As General Milley Concludes His Tenure, His Ukrainian Endeavors Are But a Segment of a Complex Legacy

by Chloe Baker
Gen. Mark Milley's Legacy

At a chilly American air base in Germany, the leading military officer of the United States, Army General Mark Milley, was in his milieu. Marching across the training ground in his military attire, he fervently shouted “Slava Ukraini,” or “Glory to Ukraine,” to the assembled Ukrainian soldiers, who nervously returned the customary reply, “Heroyam Slava,” signifying glory to the heroes.

This portrayal of a commanding general inspiring troops was not well-received by officials of the Biden administration. They have continuously emphasized that the conflict in Ukraine is a Ukrainian war and not an American one, cautious of amplifying tensions with Russia.

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Milley, unable to suppress his combat-oriented nature, spurred and conversed with the soldiers who were training on American weaponry. He informed them that they would soon be returning to the frontline to engage Russian forces and that they should effectively apply their newly acquired skills.

As he prepares to vacate the role of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley’s Ukrainian engagement is just a fraction of his intricate and multifaceted legacy. For nearly two years, he has been instrumental in rallying international partners to arm Ukrainian forces.

General Milley, known for his vociferous enthusiasm and candid speech that can command a room, is a polarizing figure. His four-year term has been tumultuous, characterized by a succession of crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukrainian conflict, the disorderly exit from Afghanistan, concerns over a Chinese spy balloon, racial protests in Washington in June 2020, and the insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

Initially gaining favor from former President Donald Trump, who selected him over other Pentagon recommendations, Milley ultimately fell out of favor. He notably opposed several Trump initiatives, ranging from troop withdrawals from Iraq and Syria to using military forces against racial protests, as well as bans on transgender individuals serving in the military. Published accounts also outline Milley’s apprehensions about Trump’s suitability as commander-in-chief and his resistance to Trump’s attempts to subvert the election process to prevent President Joe Biden’s ascension. Republican calls for his resignation escalated after revelations that he had assured his Chinese counterpart that the U.S. had no plans for a surprise attack.

General Milley has dismissed accusations of betrayal, asserting his allegiance to the nation, its populace, and its Constitution. Yet, he faces opposition. Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, has demanded President Biden dismiss Milley, alleging that he jeopardizes the principle of civilian control over the military. Conversely, retired General Barry McCaffrey praised Milley as the most consequential chairman since WWII, adding that “Trump was and is a danger to our democracy.”

Violating his own principle of keeping the military separate from politics, Milley came under fire for participating in a Trump-led walk through Lafayette Square during racial protests in June 2020. He later expressed regret for the appearance of the military in domestic politics and admitted writing, but not submitting, a resignation letter. Milley has also been criticized as a “woke” general by Trump and others, condemning his support for diversity and equality initiatives within the military.

As his European peers offered parting commendations on his Ukrainian leadership, Milley’s tussles with Trump were acknowledged as testament to his unwavering commitment to democratic principles. Those around the NATO table recognized the enormous pressures he faced, especially during the U.S. constitutional crisis, and commended his ability to prevent crises from escalating both domestically and internationally.

Milley, an articulate orator and passionate educator, is known for elaborate explanations that weave historical contexts into contemporary issues. His focus has consistently been on the evolving nature of warfare, influenced in part by losses under his command during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

The general has always emphasized his fealty to the U.S. Constitution over any individual. In his testimony to the congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack, Milley reiterated his commitment to the country and its governing document, stating that the republic and the Constitution are larger than any single individual and must be safeguarded for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gen. Mark Milley’s Legacy

What is the main focus of this article?

The article primarily explores the complex legacy of Gen. Mark Milley, who is stepping down as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It discusses his relationships with Ukrainian forces, his disagreements with former President Trump, and the ideological divisions he has inspired.

How has Gen. Mark Milley been involved with Ukraine?

Gen. Milley has spent significant time rallying allies to provide weapons for Ukrainian forces. He was seen personally rallying Ukrainian troops at a U.S. air base in Germany, emphasizing the importance of their role in the conflict with Russia.

What is the article’s stance on Milley’s relationship with former President Trump?

The article describes a contentious relationship between Gen. Milley and former President Donald Trump. Milley resisted several of Trump’s plans, including troop withdrawals from Iraq and Syria, and had concerns about Trump’s fitness to serve as commander-in-chief.

Has Gen. Milley been a controversial figure?

Yes, Gen. Milley has been a subject of controversy both in military and political circles. His actions and outspokenness have drawn criticism from Republicans, and his ideological stances have led to divisions in public opinion.

What does the article reveal about Milley’s views on the U.S. Constitution?

Gen. Milley is described as deeply committed to the U.S. Constitution. He has publicly stated multiple times that his ultimate loyalty is to the nation, its people, and the Constitution. This commitment was evident during his testimony to a congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

How do Milley’s military counterparts view him?

As per the article, his military counterparts have praised Gen. Milley’s leadership, particularly his role concerning Ukraine. During a NATO military committee meeting, Adm. Rob Bauer of the Netherlands lauded Milley for his steadfast devotion to democracy and for preventing crises from spiraling out of control.

What aspects of Milley’s personality does the article highlight?

The article portrays Gen. Milley as a fervent teacher and inexhaustible storyteller. Known for his charisma, he is also characterized as someone who can dominate a room with his blunt talk and boisterous exuberance.

Does the article discuss Milley’s successor?

Yes, the article mentions that Air Force Gen. CQ Brown has been confirmed as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and will take over on October 1.

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Long read but worth it. Military politics are always complicated, aren’t they.

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honestly, where’s the media been? This is the kinda analysis they should be doing, not just headline grabbin.

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didnt know much about Milley b4, but this gives a new perspective. Thanks for the info.

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excellent article! Finally something substantive on Milley. more of this pls.


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