Arrest Made After Fire at Planned Wyoming Abortion Clinic

by Lucas Garcia
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In Wyoming, USA, a woman was arrested for lighting fire on a building that was being remodeled for the state’s only abortion clinic, which would provide full service. This happened after a court banned abortions in the area not long before.

On Tuesday, Lorna Roxanne Green (who is 22-years old and from Casper) was arrested by the police, FBI agents and U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents. She will go to court in Cheyenne on Thursday morning with the possibility of going to prison for up to twenty years and paying a fine of $250,000 if found guilty by a judge.

On May 25th 2022, a fire was started at a house made of plaster in Casper, the second biggest city in the state. This city is known for its lots of protests against abortion.

Someone reported to police that they heard glass break and saw a person walking away with a red gas can and a black bag. Security video showed someone wearing a hoody and mask carrying what looked like a red fuel can through one of the rooms before the fire happened.

Nobody was hurt in the fire, but it broke some windows and filled the house with smoke. A medical clinic that was supposed to open last summer had plans to offer women’s healthcare, birth control options and health care related to gender identities in addition to abortion services. Unfortunately, this fire caused those plans to be delayed.

The plan to open something next month was cancelled after the governor let a law that bans abortion take effect on Sunday without signing it. On Wednesday, a judge stopped the ban after hearing how this law hurts pregnant women and their doctors and goes against the state rules. The ban has been put on pause for at least two weeks.

A law just passed in Wyoming stops people from having abortions except when it is because of rape or incest and the police know about it, or to prevent a woman’s death. The amendment in Wyoming says that adults can make decisions about their health, but the law states that getting an abortion is not considered a health decision. A previous ban was blocked by Owens which had just started last summer.

A clinic in the town of Jackson was giving out abortion medication to people before they said no more.

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