AP Top 25: Ohio State jumps Michigan, moves to No. 2. Washington, FSU flip-flop at Nos. 4-5

by Sophia Chen
AP Top 25 College Football Rankings

In the latest update from The Big Big News college football rankings, Ohio State has overtaken Michigan, climbing to the second position, setting the stage for an upcoming high-stakes encounter with their Big Ten rival. Meanwhile, Washington and Florida State have exchanged positions, with Washington ascending to fourth and Florida State dropping to fifth.

Georgia continues to lead the poll at the top spot, gaining a season-high 61 first-place votes. The team has maintained its number one position for an impressive 23 consecutive weeks, nearing the record set by Southern California between 2003 and 2005.

This past Saturday, all top five undefeated teams won their games, leading to a reshuffling in the rankings. Michigan, previously second since the preseason, fell to third following a narrow victory over Maryland, a game they played without their head coach Jim Harbaugh who is currently suspended.

Ohio State, now second, secured a first-place vote after a convincing victory over Minnesota. Washington, after a close win against Oregon State, which fell to 15th place, achieved its highest ranking since 2016. Conversely, Florida State slipped to fifth despite a win against North Alabama, marred by the injury of quarterback Jordan Travis.

The rankings also saw Oregon, Texas, Alabama, and Louisville maintaining their respective sixth to ninth positions, while Missouri rose to tenth.

In terms of matchups, Michigan and Ohio State are set for their 13th top-five rivalry game, a record in college football, with Ohio State leading in past encounters. Other notable rivalries include Oklahoma-Texas and Nebraska-Oklahoma.

In changes to the AP Top 25, Utah dropped out of the rankings for the first time this season, following a loss to Arizona. This ended Utah’s 33-week streak in the poll. North Carolina also fell out of the rankings after losing to Clemson. Meanwhile, Toledo made its first appearance in the poll this season, and Iowa re-entered at 20th after securing the Big West championship.

The entry of Toledo marks a high for non-Power Five conferences in the Top 25, joining teams like Tulane, Liberty, and James Madison.

In the upcoming ranked matchups, the focus is on the game between Ohio State and Michigan, a significant contest in college football history. Additionally, a notable game between Oregon State and Oregon is also scheduled.

For more details and updates on the AP Top 25 poll, follow Ralph D. Russo’s reporting and access further information through The Big Big News network’s dedicated college football sections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AP Top 25 College Football Rankings

What recent changes occurred in the AP Top 25 college football rankings?

Ohio State surpassed Michigan, moving up to No. 2, while Washington and Florida State swapped places at Nos. 4 and 5. Georgia remains at the top spot with a record number of first-place votes.

Which team leads the AP Top 25 college football rankings?

Georgia leads the AP Top 25 rankings, holding the No. 1 spot for 23 consecutive weeks, a streak second only to Southern California’s record.

How did the top five teams in the AP Top 25 college football rankings perform recently?

All top five teams in the AP Top 25 rankings remained undefeated, each winning their respective games on the preceding Saturday.

Why did Michigan drop to No. 3 in the AP Top 25 rankings?

Michigan fell to No. 3 after a close game against Maryland, particularly as they played without their suspended head coach, Jim Harbaugh.

What is notable about the upcoming Ohio State vs. Michigan game?

The upcoming game marks the 13th top-five matchup between Ohio State and Michigan, the most for any rivalry in college football, with Ohio State leading in past encounters.

What was significant about Washington’s recent performance?

Washington reached its highest ranking since 2016 after defeating Oregon State, who subsequently fell to No. 15 in the rankings.

What impact did Florida State’s recent game have on their ranking?

Florida State dropped to No. 5 despite beating North Alabama, partly due to the serious injury of quarterback Jordan Travis during the game.

Which teams entered or dropped out of the AP Top 25 rankings?

Utah and North Carolina dropped out of the AP Top 25, while Toledo entered the rankings for the first time this season, and Iowa re-entered at No. 20.

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HarbaughFan November 19, 2023 - 7:58 pm

Really feel for Michigan, without Harbaugh they’re just not the same, that Maryland game was too close for comfort.

SportsJunky November 20, 2023 - 12:42 am

Can’t wait for the Ohio State vs Michigan match, these games are always epic, the rivalry is one of the best in college football history!

InjuryConcerned November 20, 2023 - 4:37 am

sad about Jordan Travis, hoping it’s not too serious. Injuries can really change the game for a team.

FootballLuvr November 20, 2023 - 3:52 pm

Did anyone see that Washington game? totally deserved to climb the rankings, they’ve been under the radar too long

MikeR82 November 20, 2023 - 7:52 pm

interesting to see Ohio state moving up, they’re doing great this season. Michigan needs to step up big time next game.


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