Anthony Edwards Demonstrates Unyielding Confidence at Basketball World Cup for Team USA

by Madison Thomas
Anthony Edwards' Confidence in Basketball World Cup

Navigating the delicate balance between self-assurance and overconfidence, Anthony Edwards appears to steer clear of the latter. Query him on whether Team USA will secure victory in their next match, and his answer is an unequivocal yes. Should you inquire if he could break a scoring record for USA Basketball, he affirms that possibility as well.

Edwards is not just talk; his performance substantiates his words.

So far in the Basketball World Cup, Edwards leads Team USA by averaging 16.5 points per match, emerging as the undeniable key player in a lineup replete with rising NBA talents. At the age of 22, the Minnesota-based guard stands as the second-youngest member on the youngest team competing in the tournament. Despite his youth, his gameplay reflects the maturity and leadership of someone with far greater experience on the international stage, guiding his team to secure a spot in the upcoming quarterfinals.

“His primary objectives are simply to play basketball, enjoy the game, and secure victories,” said U.S. guard Austin Reaves. It is a sentiment that is hard to dispute.

Facing their first significant challenge in the World Cup, Team USA played against Montenegro last Friday. Although Edwards remained scoreless in the first half and the team trailed 38-37 at halftime, he demonstrated resilience. Scoring his first basket right after halftime, he accumulated 17 points thereafter, aiding the U.S. in outscoring Montenegro 48-35 in the second half to secure an 85-73 win.

“Anthony is someone we rely on for generating offense. Despite a challenging first half, his third-quarter opener revitalized him and the team,” said U.S. coach Steve Kerr. “He maintains his confidence irrespective of the on-court situations, always prepared to continue the offensive onslaught.”

Displaying unfazed composure, Edwards stated, “From the outset, I was certain we would win.”

Edwards has shown this level of confidence repeatedly during the tournament, undeterred by any obstacles on or off the court. When queried about feeling any pressure, he dismissed it, stating, “There’s absolutely no pressure. I love basketball; it’s an enjoyment for me. I invest in my craft daily, making the game entirely stress-free.”

Regarding Team USA’s prospects in future games, he expressed little doubt, pausing only to chuckle before saying, “We’re slated to win.”

As for the potential of breaking Kevin Durant’s World Cup scoring record, Edwards acknowledged the challenge but expressed his willingness to strive for it.

Engaging even with a vociferous fan in Manila during a group-stage game against Greece, Edwards made a free throw and audibly responded to the fan’s previous shouts, embodying his unflinching approach to the game.

Edwards, who recently secured a max contract extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves—ensuring a financial future worth over $200 million—continually portrays a man at ease, always seen with a genial disposition since the team’s training assembly in Las Vegas. Yet, he eschews any singular praise or title, emphasizing the team-centric nature of basketball. “If I were inclined towards individual accolades, I would opt for sports like golf, tennis, or swimming,” Edwards declared.

Including exhibition matches leading up to Manila, Edwards has led the U.S. team in scoring or rebounding in eight of the nine games this summer. His peak performance thus far includes a 34-point game where the U.S. rallied from a 16-point deficit against Germany.

Commenting on Edwards’s performance, Reaves noted, “The level of skill required for some of his shots is extraordinary. There are few in the league capable of that.”

Wearing jersey No. 10, previously adorned by Kobe Bryant in national games, seems more than coincidental. Much like Bryant, Edwards has been entrusted with leadership responsibilities. U.S. assistant coach Erik Spoelstra stated, “We have future NBA stars on this team, and Edwards is already becoming a household name.”

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Mike O'Connell September 2, 2023 - 8:47 am

if this kid keeps up his level of play, he could really be something special. the confidence is key, you cant teach that.

Samantha Wills September 2, 2023 - 3:07 pm

Edwards is doing awesome! But I gotta say, comparing him to Kobe this early seems a bit much, doesn’t it?

Tara Smith September 2, 2023 - 7:33 pm

Love how Edwards puts the team first. That’s the real sign of a leader, not just someone who scores a ton of points.

William H September 3, 2023 - 2:29 am

solid article. But let’s see how Edwards does in the tougher matches ahead. Confidence is good, but can he deliver when the stakes are high?

Jake Thompson September 3, 2023 - 7:10 am

Wow, this article really paints Edwards in a new light for me. Always knew the guy had game but didn’t know he had this much poise on the world stage.


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