Answers to Your Questions About the Hollywood Strike and Its Impact on Entertainment

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Hollywood strike

Curious about how the ongoing battle between actors and writers, and studios and streaming services in Hollywood will affect you? We have the answers to your burning questions.

  1. Will the strikes delay the release of movies like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”?

No need to worry! Summer releases, including “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” are still on track. However, some extravagant premieres have been canceled or downscaled.

  1. Should I cancel my subscriptions to Netflix, MAX, or other streaming services to show support?

No consumer boycotts have been called for yet, so there’s no need to cancel your subscriptions. In fact, watching programs on streaming services can actually help the guild members make their case to the studios’ bargaining arm, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

  1. When will I no longer be able to watch new movies and shows?

The impact of the writers’ strike has primarily affected television, while the actors’ strike has halted the majority of film production. Your favorite broadcast shows, such as “Abbott Elementary,” won’t be returning in early fall, regardless of the strike’s resolution. The same goes for streaming favorites like “Stranger Things.” International productions may help fill the gap. However, there’s still a steady stream of movies on the horizon.

  1. I have a ticket to a play featuring my favorite actor. Will the strikes cancel the show?

No, plays and musicals with stage actors are governed by the Actors’ Equity Association, a different union. Equity has expressed solidarity with SAG-AFTRA, and many actors are members of both unions. So, Broadway will continue its performances.

  1. Will the Emmys still air in September?

The Emmys are still scheduled for Monday, Sept. 18. However, history has shown that awards shows held during strikes tend to be somber affairs. The strike will also impact Emmy campaigning, as SAG-AFTRA and WGA members cannot participate in “for your consideration” events or accept awards for projects produced by struck companies.

  1. Can actors still use social media during the strike?

Absolutely! Actors and writers are not required to remain silent during the strike. In fact, social media can help raise awareness of their cause, and you’ll likely see many guild members posting content with strike-related hashtags. However, they are not allowed to promote any projects currently in the pipeline while on strike. So, don’t expect to see an abundance of #barbie and #oppenheimer hashtags from their star-studded casts.

  1. Will Comic-Con be affected by the strikes this year?

Unfortunately, yes. Several show and movie panels have already been canceled, and SAG-AFTRA members are prohibited from promoting any work made by struck companies, even if the projects are from the past. Some exceptions may allow members to attend certain conventions, but major events like San Diego’s Comic-Con will be diminished during the strikes.

  1. I enjoy watching celebrity interviews on YouTube. Will that content disappear?

Don’t worry, the content won’t disappear entirely. It may change in nature, though. While actors like Ryan Gosling might not exude their usual “Kenergy” explicitly, they are still allowed to make media appearances, where their innate charisma may still shine through. Many actors and writers have been engaging with media outlets, including The Big Big News, on the picket lines for weeks, offering unique perspectives and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hollywood strike

Q: Do the strikes mean the release of movies like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” will be delayed?

A: No, the strikes have not affected the release schedule for these movies or other summer releases. However, some flashy premieres have been canceled or scaled down.

Q: Should I cancel my streaming service subscriptions to show support during the strike?

A: No, there hasn’t been a consumer boycott called for yet. In fact, watching programs on streaming services can help guild members strengthen their case during negotiations.

Q: When will new movies and shows become unavailable due to the strikes?

A: The timeline for when the pipeline of new content will dry up is uncertain. The impact of the writers’ strike has been felt more in television, while the actors’ strike has halted a significant portion of film production.

Q: Will the strikes cancel stage plays and musicals?

A: No, stage actors in plays and musicals are governed by a different union, Actors’ Equity Association. Broadway performances will continue as scheduled.

Q: Will the Emmys still take place in September?

A: Yes, the Emmys are still planned for September. However, awards shows held during strikes tend to be subdued, and the strike will affect Emmy campaigning and participation in promotional events.

Q: Can actors still use social media during the strike?

A: Yes, actors and writers can use social media to raise awareness and support for their cause. However, they are not supposed to promote any projects in the pipeline while on strike.

Q: Will the Hollywood strike impact events like Comic-Con?

A: Yes, several show and movie panels have been canceled, and SAG-AFTRA members are restricted from promoting work made by struck companies. Major events like Comic-Con will be affected.

Q: Will celebrity interviews on platforms like YouTube disappear due to the strike?

A: No, the content may change, but it will not disappear entirely. Actors and writers are still allowed to make media appearances, providing unique insights and perspectives.

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