Air Travelers Grounded: Southwest Passengers Face Delays After Nationwide Grounding

by Sophia Chen
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Southwest Airlines had to stop their planes from flying all around the United States due to a technology problem. This led to more than 1,700 flight delays on Tuesday which happened only four months after the airline faced a difficult situation related to Christmas traveling. By late morning, airports from Denver to New York City started running again although this interruption caused some trouble for travelers.

Southwest airline had to pause their services because they had a problem with some of their data connections. A firewall that suppliers use went down, so they couldn’t get the right information. The airline asked customers to check their flight status and look for other alternatives while they worked on fixing the issue.

On Tuesday morning, Southwest airlines was responsible for the most flight delays in the entire country. Despite this, less than twelve flights got canceled. Because of this, many people noticed that Southwest has been having a lot of trouble with technology problems recently and their reputation has suffered because of it. To fix this problem, the CEO Robert Jordan is trying to put things back in order.

In December, Southwest airlines had to cancel around 17,000 flights during the Christmas holidays because of bad weather and its crew-scheduling system being unable to handle the workload. This caused Southwest to lose more than one billion dollars. The Transportation Department is looking into why this happened.

The unions working for Southwest have said they warned management before this happened in October 2021 that there were issues with their scheduling system.

Southwest said they were going to prepare for cold winter weather by getting special equipment and hiring more people. This is so the people who work outside won’t have to stay out in the cold for too long.

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