Aerosmith singer and Maui homeowner Steven Tyler urges tourists to return to the island

by Joshua Brown
Maui Tourism Recovery

Renowned as the frontman of Aerosmith and a homeowner in Maui, Steven Tyler is often linked with his band’s roots in Boston. However, he holds a deep affection for the Hawaiian island of Maui, where he possesses a residence. In light of the recent devastating wildfires that wreaked havoc on the island’s economy, Tyler is urging tourists to return to Maui to aid in its recovery.

During the inaugural performance of Aerosmith’s farewell tour in Philadelphia, Tyler took the opportunity to address the audience, encouraging them to overcome any apprehensions and revisit the island. Tyler specifically mentioned places like Lahaina, south Maui, Paia, and Hana as destinations that remain untouched by the fires and are still open for travelers to enjoy.

Tyler emphasized the island’s enduring beauty while acknowledging the collective responsibility to enhance it even further. His sentiments reflect the initial caution from officials, including Governor Josh Green, who advised tourists to avoid the island during its recovery phase. However, a subsequent reversal of this advice underscored the undeniable importance of tourism in revitalizing the island’s economy and aiding the residents in returning to normalcy.

It’s noteworthy that Tyler’s daughter, Mia, initially shared the sentiment of discouraging tourism shortly after the fires. The aftermath of the fires has left a significant impact, with 385 individuals reported missing as of Friday. The swift and destructive nature of the fires, fueled by powerful wind gusts exceeding 60 mph, reduced the seaside town of Lahaina to rubble in a matter of hours on August 8th.

The calamity has left half of Lahaina’s population, totaling 12,000 residents, seeking refuge in hotels and temporary vacation rentals. The anticipated timeline for reconstruction spans multiple years and entails a substantial financial commitment in the billions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Maui Tourism Recovery

Who is Steven Tyler and what is his connection to Maui?

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith. He has a home on the Hawaiian island of Maui and feels a strong connection to it.

Why is Steven Tyler urging tourists to return to Maui?

After wildfires devastated Maui’s economy, Steven Tyler is encouraging tourists to visit the island to aid in its recovery.

Which parts of Maui were affected by the wildfires?

The seaside town of Lahaina suffered the most from the fires, but places like Paia and Hana remain untouched and open for visitors.

What impact did the wildfires have on Maui’s economy?

The fires left a significant impact, with half of Lahaina’s population displaced, reconstruction expected to take years, and the cost projected in the billions.

Why were tourists initially advised to stay away from Maui?

Initially, officials, including Governor Josh Green, advised tourists to avoid the island during recovery. However, this was later reversed due to the importance of tourism in rebuilding the economy.

How did Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia, contribute to the situation?

Mia Tyler initially discouraged tourists from coming to Maui shortly after the fires, aligning with the cautious approach recommended by officials.

What caused the rapid spread of the fires in Lahaina?

Powerful wind gusts exceeding 60 mph played a significant role in spreading the flames rapidly through Lahaina.

Where can we find updates from Wayne Parry?

Wayne Parry shares updates and insights on the rebranded social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, accessible at

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EconEnthusiast September 4, 2023 - 4:50 am

fires hit maui’s $$ bad. steven’s sayin tourism’s vital 2 fix it. paia, hana stil good – let’s join in & make it gr8!

LocalResident27 September 4, 2023 - 2:59 pm

Lahaina’s fire was heartbrk. thx steven 4 wantin folks back. Mia’s early msg was diff, but tourizm’s lifeline now.


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