A Week Elapses with Third-Generation IDF Soldier Missing, Leaving Family in Agony

by Michael Nguyen
Missing IDF Soldier

Nineteen-year-old Roni Eshel, a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was deployed at a military installation near the Gaza border when Hamas initiated an assault last Saturday. Although unresponsive to her mother’s phone call that morning to inquire about her well-being, she subsequently sent a text message affirming her safety.

“I hold you dearly,” conveyed Eshel to her mother, Sharon, approximately three hours after the onset of the attack.

Since then, communication has ceased, plunging the family into a state of heightened anxiety over a week later. Her father, Eyal Eshel, characterizes this agonizing wait for any news of their daughter as torturous.

“I am at a loss for what course of action to take or even what to contemplate. Her whereabouts are unknown. I’m concerned about her living conditions and her well-being,” remarked Eyal Eshel.

Although the IDF has yet to disclose any information regarding captives publicly, Eyal Eshel reports that they have officially classified his daughter as missing, leading him to suspect that she has been abducted.

“What other explanation could there be for her disappearance?” he questioned.

Roni Eshel was raised in a small village to the north of Tel Aviv. She began her mandatory military service a mere two weeks after completing her high school education and was three months into her second year of obligatory service at the time of her disappearance.

“It’s ingrained in our way of life here in Israel,” noted her father.

She was serving in a communications division at a base near Nahal Oz and had recently returned to her post following a short leave just the Wednesday before the incursion.

Eshel took great pride in continuing a family legacy of military service that also includes her father, uncle, and grandfather.

“She took immense satisfaction in serving her nation,” her father disclosed.

Eyal Eshel mentioned that she had ambitions of international travel and higher education following her two-year service commitment. However, those future plans have been rendered inconceivable for him as long as her whereabouts remain unknown. Eyal Eshel reveals that he is unable to focus on sleep, sustenance, or work as he anxiously awaits news of his daughter.

“I am not hesitant to plead for assistance. We implore your help,” he articulated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Missing IDF Soldier

Q: Who is Roni Eshel?

A: Roni Eshel is a 19-year-old Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier who went missing after a Hamas attack near the Gaza border.

Q: What happened during the Hamas attack?

A: During the attack, Roni Eshel was stationed at a military base near the Gaza border. She initially texted her mother to confirm her safety but hasn’t been in touch since. Her family is deeply concerned about her well-being.

Q: What information has the IDF provided about Roni Eshel’s disappearance?

A: The IDF has not publicly released any details about hostages or the circumstances surrounding Roni Eshel’s disappearance. However, her father believes she may have been kidnapped.

Q: What is Roni Eshel’s background?

A: Roni Eshel hails from a small village north of Tel Aviv. She began her mandatory military service shortly after finishing high school and was in her second year of service at the time of her disappearance.

Q: Is Roni Eshel the only one in her family with a military background?

A: No, she comes from a family with a tradition of military service. Her father, uncle, and grandfather have also served in the military.

Q: What were Roni Eshel’s future plans before her disappearance?

A: Roni had aspirations of traveling and pursuing higher education after completing her two-year military service commitment. However, these plans are on hold as long as her whereabouts remain unknown.

Q: How is Roni Eshel’s family coping with her disappearance?

A: Roni Eshel’s father, Eyal Eshel, is deeply distressed and has been unable to focus on sleep, eating, or work while waiting for news of his daughter. He has reached out for help from the public in finding her.

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Reader23 October 15, 2023 - 7:07 pm

whoa, this’s so sad, i cant imgine what her famly is goin thru. hope she comes back safly.

NewsJunkie October 16, 2023 - 2:38 am

good FAQ, clears up lots of questions I had abt dis story. Plz keep us updated.

MilitaryDude October 16, 2023 - 11:58 am

IDF is serious biz, but this’s super scary. hope dey find her soon.

ConcernedCitizen October 16, 2023 - 1:18 pm

this is heartbraking, dese situations are so hard 4 families. my thoughts r with them. 🙁


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