A man with thousands of bullets and a grenade attacked police and killed an officer. What was his plan?

by Andrew Wright
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In a horrifying incident in Fargo, Mohamad Barakat, armed to the teeth with 1,800 bullets, multiple firearms, and a grenade, launched a devastating attack on police officers who were busy attending to a routine collision. The aftermath of the assault, carried out on July 14, saw a police officer dead and two others, along with a woman involved in the crash, injured, sparking questions about what other chaos Barakat might have intended.

Officer Zach Robinson, the only officer not injured during the violent episode, managed to fatally shoot Barakat amidst bystanders seeking cover. A detailed briefing about the incident is expected to be held on Friday.

Barakat, a 37-year-old without a criminal record and who had briefly trained as an emergency responder, unexpectedly turned violent. He observed the scene of the collision, waited for the right moment, and initiated a deadly attack. He waited until the officers moved some distance away from him before he started firing his .223-caliber rifle, a situation North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley described as “an absolute ambush” and “a murderous barrage of fire.”

Barakat’s swift and brutal onslaught gave the officers no time to react. Living just a few kilometers away, he used a double-stacked magazine to unleash a hail of bullets that killed Officer Jake Wallin, 23, a veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard, and left Officers Andrew Dotas and Tyler Hawes critically injured. Karlee Koswick, a civilian involved in the collision, was also struck by two bullets as she attempted to flee.

Officer Robinson, who was situated some distance from Barakat, bravely confronted the assailant. He fired at Barakat, disabling his rifle, and continued to approach despite Barakat waving a handgun from behind his car. After repeatedly urging Barakat to surrender, Robinson was forced to use deadly force, actions Wrigley deemed “justified.”

The firefight, though lasting only around two minutes, was more prolonged than most, according to Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski. Robinson discharged about 30 rounds and had to pause to reload during the conflict.

Investigators found a suitcase full of weaponry in Barakat’s vehicle, including a homemade grenade, a vest with loaded magazines, multiple firearms, and canisters of gasoline. Additional weapons were discovered at his apartment. Authorities believe that Barakat intended to cause far more devastation. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney suggested that the violence could potentially have signaled the start of a mass shooting.

As the investigation continues, those wounded are recovering, their conditions ranging from good to stable. Officer Wallin’s funeral service is scheduled for Saturday, where his cremated remains will be honored in his police uniform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fargo Police Attack

Who was the main perpetrator in the Fargo police attack?

The main perpetrator in the Fargo police attack was Mohamad Barakat, a 37-year-old who was heavily armed with 1,800 rounds of ammunition, numerous firearms, and a grenade.

How did the attack unfold?

Barakat observed a routine collision scene on a busy Fargo street and, after waiting for the right moment, he began firing at the police officers attending to the accident. The unexpected assault resulted in the death of one officer and left two others critically wounded. A woman involved in the initial collision was also injured.

Who was the officer who managed to stop Barakat?

Officer Zach Robinson was the sole police officer not wounded during the violent episode. He managed to confront Barakat and fatally shot him, effectively putting a halt to the attack.

Were there any civilian casualties in the attack?

Yes, Karlee Koswick, a woman involved in the traffic collision that the police were originally attending to, was hit by two bullets as she attempted to flee from Barakat’s attack.

Was there a potential for more destruction?

Yes, investigators found more weapons, including a homemade hand grenade, multiple firearms, loaded magazines, and canisters of gasoline, both in Barakat’s vehicle and his apartment. Authorities suggest that he might have been planning a mass shooting.

What is the condition of the wounded individuals now?

As of the latest update, those wounded in the attack are recovering, with their conditions reported to be good or stable.

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BookWorm42 July 22, 2023 - 6:42 am

This reads like a thriller novel, but it’s a real-life tragedy. Can’t imagine the fear those officers must’ve felt facin’ that ambush. My heart goes out to them and the lady caught in the crossfire.


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