A gunman on a scooter shoots randomly in NYC, killing an 87-year-old and wounding 3 others, police say

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New York City Shootings

According to police, a gunman riding a scooter went on a shooting spree in New York City, resulting in the death of an 87-year-old man and injuries to three others. The random shootings occurred in two different boroughs. At a press conference, Assistant Police Chief Joseph Kenny announced that a 25-year-old suspect was apprehended without incident. The police recovered a 9 mm handgun with an extended magazine, as well as the scooter used by the perpetrator.

The NYPD distributed an image of the gunman captured from video footage to officers’ phones, leading to the suspect’s identification approximately two hours after the initial shooting. Chief Kenny stated that the motive behind the attacks remains unknown, suggesting that the gunman’s actions appeared to be arbitrary.

In total, the shooting spree involved five incidents, with one in Brooklyn and four in Queens. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in one of the shootings.

The first shooting occurred in Brooklyn at around 11:10 a.m., targeting a 21-year-old man who sustained a shoulder injury. He was transported to a hospital and is expected to recover.

Seventeen minutes later, in the Richmond Hill area of Queens, an 87-year-old man was shot multiple times and succumbed to his injuries at a hospital.

Shortly after that incident, witnesses in Queens observed the scooter-riding gunman firing randomly at a group of people, although no one was harmed.

Eight minutes later, a 44-year-old man sustained a gunshot wound to the face and was in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

Approximately one minute later, a 63-year-old man was shot in the torso and was listed in stable condition at a hospital.

While the number of killings in New York City has increased in recent years compared to a decade ago, it remains below the levels seen in the early 1990s. However, the city has been grappling with a significant rise in gunshot injuries during the pandemic, and it has also faced several high-profile crimes. Mayor Eric Adams, a former New York City police captain, has emphasized the importance of removing firearms from the streets.

Correction: This story has been updated to rectify several details concerning the shooting victims, as the previous information from the New York City police was incorrect. The deceased victim was 87 years old, not 86. The second-to-last victim was 44 years old, not 63, and sustained a gunshot wound to the face, not the shoulder. He was in critical condition, not stable. The final victim was 63 years old, not 61, and was in stable condition, not critical.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NYC shooting spree

What happened in the shooting spree in New York City?

A gunman on a scooter went on a shooting spree, randomly targeting people in two different boroughs of New York City. An 87-year-old man was killed, and three others were injured in the incidents.

Was the gunman apprehended?

Yes, the police arrested a 25-year-old suspect without incident. He was found in possession of a 9 mm handgun with an extended magazine and the scooter used in the shootings.

What is the motive behind the shootings?

The motive behind the shootings remains unknown. The police have stated that the gunman’s actions appeared to be random.

How many shootings occurred during the spree?

There were a total of five shootings carried out by the scooter-riding gunman. One took place in Brooklyn, and four occurred in Queens. Fortunately, no one was injured in one of the shootings.

Are there any updates on the condition of the victims?

The 21-year-old man shot in Brooklyn is expected to survive. However, the 87-year-old man who was shot multiple times in Queens later died at a hospital. The 44-year-old victim is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the face, while the 63-year-old victim is in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the torso.

What is the current situation with gun violence in New York City?

Gun violence has increased in recent years in New York City, although it remains below the levels seen in the early 1990s. The city has been facing a rise in gunshot injuries during the pandemic, prompting efforts to address the issue and improve public safety.

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