A Deteriorating Situation: NTSB Finds Jet Pitched Wildly, Killing 1, Amid Cockpit Warnings

by Michael Nguyen
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A business jet in New England had a very bad experience. The pilots were warned by the computers, so they turned off one of their systems that help keep the plane stable. Sadly, it lead to a passenger’s death from all the shaking and jerking caused by this action.

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) couldn’t decide the main cause of the accident that happened on 3rd March, but they noticed various mistakes that happened before and after the plane started flying out of control.

When some alerts showed up in the cockpit of the Bombardier jet, the pilots followed a step-by-step plan that told them to switch off something called ‘trim’ which is a stabilizer located near the tail of the plan.

The plane’s front part started pointing upwards, which made people inside feel like four times the usual gravity. Then it pointed downwards again before the pilots could take control of the situation. Pilots told investigators that they did not experience any bumpy ride, unlike what was said in a report the day after this incident happened.

Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandated pilots to conduct extra safety checks before flights on Bombardier Challenger 300 twin-engine jets. commentBombardier, a Canadian manufacturer of the Challenger 300 jets said that they are reliable and safe. They also said that they are currently studying the report closely.

The company announced that it will be offering full help and support to any authorities who need it.

Five people were on a plane from New Hampshire to Virginia and had to change plans by flying to Connecticut instead. Sadly, one of them, Dana Hyde (aged 55, from Maryland) was taken to the hospital but didn’t make it, dying from blows she got when the plane changed paths.

Hyde served in two United States Presidential Administrations – the Clinton and Obama administrations. She also worked on the 9/11 Commission, which is a group that investigated terrorist attacks on America.

It’s unknown if Hyde was buckled into her seat or walking around inside the airplane, which belonged to an airline called Conexon from Kansas City, Missouri. Thankfully, her husband and son – plus the pilots – were unharmed in this crash.

Someone from Conexon, a company that specializes in internet for rural areas, did not want to talk on Friday.

The report showed that the pilots aborted their flight because someone had forgotten to take off a plastic cover from one of the tubes that measure wind speed and that there was an alarm about a problem with the rudder before they left the ground.

One of the warning signs indicated that something was wrong with the autopilot. Suddenly, the plane went upwards as the pilots moved a switch called stabilizer trim from its usual place while they were working through some steps on a checklist.

The plane started shaking up and down and something called the “stick pusher” activated which meant that the computer thought that the plane might crash.

John Cox, a safety consultant and former pilot, believes there were problems with the pre-flight actions but said they reacted correctly when they followed a checklist. The flight crew was made up of two pilots who had 5,000 and 8,000 hours in the sky and held all of the necessary qualifications to fly for an airline. However, October last year was their first time earning ratings on that specific type of aircraft.

Last year, the FAA released guidelines and safety regulations for Bombardier Challenger 300 jets. The reason they did this was because some of these jets kept dipping their noses in an attempt to go higher after the pilot tried to lift it up. Reporters from Portland, Maine and Dallas both contributed to this report.

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