A David vs. Goliath Showdown: Trump-Backed Daniel Cameron Squares off Against Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in November

by Joshua Brown
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On Tuesday, Daniel Cameron won the Republican primary for Kentucky governor, making him the very first Black person to be selected as a major party’s candidate for this position. This means he’ll get to compete against Governor Andy Beshear for the post in the November elections.

Cameron, who was supported by former President Donald Trump, won by a lot against twelve other people in the election. These people included Kelly Craft (who used to work as United Nations ambassador for Trump) and Ryan Quarles who was the state Agriculture Commissioner. Meanwhile, Beshear crushed two of his opponents who weren’t very well known in the Democratic primary.

Cameron, if elected, could be the very first African American governor in the state’s history. In his victory speech Tuesday, he emphasized how hard work and strong principles can bring success, no matter what your background is. Cameron encouraged people who look like him to strive for their dreams: “Know that anything is possible in both Kentucky and America as long as you have strong values.”

The elections are coming up soon and they will be the most attention-grabbing contests of November. This election could provide us with an idea of what is going to happen in the presidential race next year. Andy Beshear (the Democratic governor) is running again but it won’t be easy since most people in Kentucky are Republicans. He faced a lot of difficult problems such as: a pandemic, natural disasters, and even a shooting which killed his best friend during his first term as governor.

Governor Beshear talked about how great his work in taking care of Kentucky’s economy has been, like how he had so many successes. He also strongly spoke out against what the Republican candidates said about him these last few months.

Right now, a business leader is thinking about bringing their company to Kentucky. But if people are criticizing the state, insulting its citizens and causing divisions in the state, would that make them choose Kentucky? No, of course not!

This year, Democrat Andy Beshear is competing against Republican Daniel Cameron in the race for governor of Kentucky. This race is similar to the one that happened two years ago when Beshear was attorney general and opposing then-governor Matt Bevin. At that time, Beshear fought with Bevin over his difficult behavior and eventually beat him in the election.

At some places, not many people came out to vote because it was raining. In certain areas there were warnings about storms, but luckily voting stayed normal and wasn’t affected by the rain. Election organizers thought more people would come out once the bad weather passed.

Cameron was chosen to replace Beshear in the attorney general’s office. Cameron then used his power to challenge many Democratic policies, which made him popular among conservative people. He also challenged the governor’s decision to put restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and said that it was a form of executive overreach. However, Beshear believes that these restrictions saved lives as they were following care documents from Trump’s coronavirus task force.

Cameron used to work for Mitch McConnell, a leader of the Republican Party. On Tuesday, he became very popular by earning his place as one of the most important Black Republicans in America. This will help President Trump become an even more powerful leader among the Republicans and help him run for president again in 2024.

Governor Andy Beshear is likely to stay away from discussing President Trump or any other divisive topics that might motivate his opponent’s supporters. Instead, he’ll lean on the strong political legacy of his family – his father used to be a Governor in Kentucky and was at his son’s victory ceremony this Tuesday- and rely upon his own first term’s performance as leader during many crises.

Andy Beshear has been a leader during tough times. He held daily briefings about the pandemic for months and then worked to support people affected by storms, floods, and other natural disasters. Last month he was sad because a close friend of his died in a shooting where an assault-style rifle was used. Beshear has talked often about how his Christian faith guides him while helping people through challenging times.

Cameron won the election against other candidates such as Mike Harmon, the state Auditor, and Alan Keck, the mayor of Somerset.

Cameron and Craft were in an intense battle during the primary campaign. Craft’s family spent lots of money on her election advertising, saying that Cameron was too nice to be attorney general. Someone else then started attacking Craft, so she got a surprise endorsement from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Cameron, who is running as a candidate for the Republican Party, might be questioned about how he handled the investigation of Breonna Taylor’s death which was caused by police in Louisville back in 2020. Taylor’s and George Floyd’s deaths, caused by the police, made people all over the USA angry enough to stage protests.

The grand jury said that it was not fair to charge the officers with murder for killing Taylor because they were in danger themselves. However, 3 of the jurors disagreed with this and argued that the prosecutor did not let them consider charging the officers with homicide.

Cameron needs to do his best helping the Republican party get ready for the election in the fall. He has done this before — connecting Trump and McConnell even when they began to argue with each other. Cameron was a lawyer for Senator McConnell, and made a speech appealing to people to vote for Trump during the 2020 Republican National Convention.

The election for the governor of Kentucky attracted all the attention this year, more than any other position that was up for voting. The current secretary of state and Republican candidate, Michael Adams, won his primary against two other people. He believes in giving people easier access to voting which his opponent disagreed with. He will face Charles “Buddy” Wheatley, a Democrat in the upcoming November elections as he tries to get reelected.

Republican Allison Ball won the primary race and will compete against Democrat Kimberley Reeder in November’s election for state auditor. Garrard County Attorney Mark Metcalf was chosen as the GOP candidate for state treasurer who will oppose Michael Bowman from the Democratic Party. Jonathan Shell from the Republican Party and Sierra Enlow from the Democrats were picked as opponents in the agricultural commissioner’s election race. Lastly, Russell Coleman (Republican) and Pam Stevenson (Democrat), who were both unopposed in their primaries, will battle it out to become attorney general this fall.

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