A bus plummeted 50 feet from an elevated road in Venice, killing 21 people in a fiery crash

by Andrew Wright
Tragic Bus Crash in Venice

A tragic incident unfolded in Venice as a bus, carrying numerous passengers, plunged a harrowing 15 meters (50 feet) from an elevated road, resulting in a devastating fiery crash. This horrific accident claimed the lives of 21 individuals and left approximately 15 others injured, predominantly comprising foreign tourists who were returning to a nearby campsite.

According to the Venice prefecture, among the fatalities were at least four Ukrainians and a German citizen. Distressingly, two of the victims were children, as noted by Venice prefect Michele Di Bari, who also mentioned that many of those involved in the accident were of young age.

Dedicated firefighters worked tirelessly through the night into the early hours of Wednesday to clear the wreckage. Subsequently, traffic began to slowly pass through the area where the bus had breached a guardrail and a weathered fence.

The accident site garnered the attention of onlookers, with some local residents expressing that the overpass in question had been in use for more than six decades without any prior similar incidents. A poignant moment occurred when a motorcyclist, clad in a biker jacket, halted to affix a bouquet of plastic flowers to a nearby post as a mark of respect.

The ill-fated bus had been transporting foreign tourists from Venice’s Piazzale Roma to the Hu campground on the evening of the tragedy when it tragically plummeted from the elevated road adjacent to railway tracks in the Mestre borough, igniting in flames. It’s worth noting that tourists often seek accommodations in the boroughs beyond Venice’s famous historic center, opting for more budget-friendly options.

The injured, including five individuals in serious condition, encompassed nationals from France, Spain, Austria, and Croatia, as reported by local authorities. The Spanish Foreign Ministry provided an update, confirming that two Spanish citizens were injured in the incident and were currently hospitalized in stable condition.

Regrettably, the bus driver, Alberto Rizzotto, lost his life in the crash. Renato Boraso, a Venice city councilor, attested to Rizzotto’s experience as a driver, and local prosecutors are actively investigating whether any medical conditions may have contributed to the accident.

Rescue operations faced additional challenges due to the fact that the bus was electric, which exacerbated the intensity of the fire and complicated the rescue efforts.

Godstime Erheneden, a resident near the accident site, acted heroically by rushing to assist immediately after hearing the crash. He was among the first responders who entered the bus. Erheneden recounted the harrowing scene, mentioning that he encountered the deceased driver and subsequently rescued a distressed woman and man. He vividly described a heart-wrenching moment when he found a 2-year-old girl, resembling the size of his own young son. His efforts to save her were overshadowed by the arrival of professional rescuers, who swiftly attended to her.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro conveyed the gravity of the situation through a somber message on a social media platform, describing the scene as “apocalyptic” and declaring a state of mourning.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the profound consequences of transportation accidents, underscoring the need for ongoing vigilance and safety measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tragic Bus Crash in Venice

What caused the bus crash in Venice?

The bus crash in Venice occurred when the bus, carrying passengers, plummeted 15 meters (50 feet) from an elevated road, resulting in a fiery collision. The exact cause of the accident is under investigation by local authorities, including whether the driver may have had a medical condition that contributed to the crash.

How many casualties were there in the bus crash?

Tragically, the bus crash claimed the lives of 21 people, and at least 15 individuals sustained injuries in the accident. Among the deceased were both adults and children, including foreign tourists.

Were there any nationalities mentioned among the victims?

Yes, among the victims, there were nationals from various countries. At least four Ukrainians and a German citizen were among those who lost their lives. In addition to these nationalities, injured individuals included French, Spanish, Austrian, and Croatian nationals.

What challenges did rescue operations face?

Rescue operations faced considerable challenges due to the fact that the bus involved in the crash was electric. This contributed to a significant fire, making the rescue efforts more difficult. Firefighters and emergency services worked diligently to address these challenges during the operation.

Has a similar incident occurred in Venice in recent years?

While it was noted that the overpass where the bus crash occurred had been in use for more than 60 years without prior similar incidents, it’s worth mentioning that transportation accidents can happen under unforeseen circumstances. However, this incident has been particularly devastating for the community and has prompted a thorough investigation to determine its cause.

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SafetyAdvocate October 4, 2023 - 5:49 pm

Electric bus fire? wow, dat’s dangerous, need bettr safety measures.

LocalResident October 5, 2023 - 7:02 am

we live here, never seen dis happen, old bridge needs checkin’.


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