A 10-year-old Canadian girl is wowing the skateboarding world. Tony Hawk is her mentor for X Games

by Sophia Chen
skateboarding prodigy

Reese Nelson, a 10-year-old girl from Canada, is making waves in the skateboarding world, with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk as her mentor for the upcoming X Games.

Skateboarding is ingrained in Reese Nelson’s life, becoming an integral part of her identity. She can’t recall the exact moment she started skating or dropped into a halfpipe; it has simply always been there.

Given her undeniable passion, it comes as no surprise that Reese has captured the attention of skateboarding icon Tony Hawk.

In a groundbreaking event, Reese, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, will be competing in the women’s vert and best trick categories at the upcoming X Games. Notably, the women’s vert event has not been featured at the X Games since 2010, three years before Reese was born.

Expressing her excitement, Reese shared, “It’s really thrilling. I can’t wait for everyone to witness the incredible skills of women on vert.”

Tony Hawk, who has taken on the role of mentor and coach for Reese, established the Vert Alert event in 2021 to promote the sport that propelled him to international stardom. Ensuring inclusivity, his tour incorporates both men’s and women’s events, working towards reestablishing vert skateboarding for women.

Hawk emphasized the importance of recognizing the thriving community of women skateboarders, stating, “They’re missing the bigger picture by focusing solely on specific events. There’s a flourishing community of women who skate vert. Many of them excel in both park and vert, but now a select few are dedicated solely to vert and thriving.”

Reese Nelson is among these dedicated individuals.

She secured third place in the women’s vert final at Vert Alert this year and won the women’s best trick event, earning her a spot at the X Games in Ventura, California, scheduled for July 21-23.

Victory at Vert Alert introduced Reese to Tony Hawk. Initially, she did not fully grasp his significance in the skateboarding world. Reese laughed as she recollected, “I didn’t realize how big of a deal he was until our first outing, and everyone went crazy because he was there. It’s normal for me since we skate together frequently. Whenever we do skate together, he guides me through various tricks.”

Hawk expressed his pleasure in coaching Reese, commending her unwavering determination when attempting to conquer a trick. “She knows what she wants, what she aims to achieve, and she doesn’t settle for less,” chuckled Hawk.

For Reese’s parents, having their daughter coached by Hawk is an extraordinary opportunity. Her mother, Lindsey Bedier, shared, “Watching Reese pursue her passion brings us immense joy. She’s a happy 10-year-old who happens to be highly motivated and deeply in love with skateboarding. Her life might seem unusual and chaotic to us, but for her, it’s perfectly normal. These skate parks are her sanctuary. It’s bizarre for us but natural for her.”

Hawk acknowledged Reese’s natural talent on a skateboard and how seamlessly she integrated into the competitive skateboarding scene. He expressed his admiration for her remarkable progress over the past two years, stating, “She’s on par with the best when it comes to difficulty. While it’s not entirely surprising that she qualified for the X Games, I am incredibly proud of her.”

He added, “I hope she doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the pressure. My wish is for her to enjoy the experience and see it as an opportunity rather than feeling the need to perform at her absolute best.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about skateboarding prodigy

Q: Who is Reese Nelson?

A: Reese Nelson is a 10-year-old Canadian skateboarder who has gained recognition in the skateboarding world.

Q: What is her involvement in the upcoming X Games?

A: Reese Nelson will be competing in the women’s vert and best trick events at the upcoming X Games.

Q: How did Tony Hawk become involved with Reese Nelson?

A: Tony Hawk has taken on the role of mentor and coach for Reese Nelson, supporting her in her skateboarding journey.

Q: What is the significance of the women’s vert event at the X Games?

A: The women’s vert event is particularly important for Reese Nelson as it hasn’t been held at the X Games since 2010, and she aims to showcase what women can do in this category.

Q: How did Reese Nelson qualify for the X Games?

A: Reese Nelson secured her spot at the X Games by placing third in the women’s vert final and winning the women’s best trick event at the Vert Alert competition.

Q: What is Tony Hawk’s perspective on women in skateboarding?

A: Tony Hawk believes in promoting and supporting women in skateboarding and recognizes the thriving community of women skateboarders, specifically those focusing on vert skateboarding.

Q: How does Reese Nelson’s family perceive her involvement in skateboarding?

A: Reese Nelson’s family finds it both strange and amazing to see her pursuing her passion for skateboarding, as it is a fundamental part of her life and brings her immense joy.

Q: What is Tony Hawk’s advice for Reese Nelson?

A: Tony Hawk hopes that Reese Nelson will enjoy the experience and opportunity of participating in the X Games, rather than feeling excessive pressure to perform at her absolute best.

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SkateLife247 July 8, 2023 - 5:32 pm

reese nelson is a sick sk8r can’t wait to see her shred at the x games she’s got mad skills tony hawk is the ultimate coach!

SkateboardQueen July 8, 2023 - 8:22 pm

reese nelson is a skateboarding prodigy she’s gonna rock the x games and break barriers for women skaters tony hawk is da bomb!

Sk8rDude123 July 8, 2023 - 10:46 pm

wow this 10-year-old girl is killing it in the skateboarding world tony hawk as her mentor so cool for x games omg!

RadicalSkater92 July 8, 2023 - 11:51 pm

can’t believe women’s vert hasn’t been at x games for so long reese nelson gonna show everyone what’s up tony hawk is the man!

SkateboardFanatic July 9, 2023 - 4:40 am

so stoked for reese nelson she’s gonna tear it up at the x games tony hawk is her mentor that’s insane gotta watch this!


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