7 killed in Ukraine’s Kherson region, including a 23-day-old baby girl

by Sophia Chen
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Ukraine's Kherson region

Seven individuals, among them a 23-day-old baby girl, lost their lives on Sunday in Ukraine’s Kherson region as a result of Russian artillery attacks, as stated by Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Ministry.

In the village of Shiroka Balka, located beside the Dnieper River, a family consisting of a husband, wife, 12-year-old son, and a 23-day-old baby girl, along with another villager, were killed due to the artillery bombardment. Two additional men were killed in the neighboring village of Stanislav, where a woman was also injured.

These attacks in Kherson were preceded by remarks from Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar on Saturday, who sought to dispel rumors of Ukrainian forces landing on the occupied eastern side of the Dnieper River in the region.

On Sunday, Kherson’s regional Governor, Oleksandr Prokudin, reported that three people were wounded in Saturday’s Russian assaults on the province.

In other military developments, Ukrainian officials announced some success in the southern region of Zaporizhzhia, near a significant village, and the capture of other undefined territories. The General Staff of Ukraine mentioned “partial success” around the Robotyne area, vital for continued progress south towards Melitopol.

The front line, stretching over 1,000 kilometers (600 miles), has seen battles as Ukraine’s counteroffensive, backed by Western arms and training, strives to gain ground against the Russian invasion, which began nearly 18 months earlier.

In other news, a Russian warship shot warning shots at a Palau-flagged cargo ship in the Black Sea on Sunday. It marked the first time Russia targeted a commercial vessel since exiting a UN grain deal last month. Moscow’s withdrawal from the grain deal has led to continued attacks on Ukrainian ports.

Russian officials, on the same day, reported the downing of three drones over the Belgorod region and one over the neighboring Kursk region, both bordering Ukraine. Drone attacks have been escalating inside Russia, targeting Moscow and Crimea, unsettling the Russian population.

An explosion also occurred in an apartment building in the city of Belgorod, damaging the facade, windows, and 15 cars. However, no one was hurt, and the cause remains under investigation.

The situation with the Wagner mercenary group, vital in Russia’s military campaign, has changed, with British defense officials suggesting that the Kremlin may have stopped funding them. Wagner is likely undergoing a “down-sizing and reconfiguration” to conserve funds. Meanwhile, Belarusian authorities are now assessed as the “second most plausible paymasters.”

Wagner fighters were allowed into Russian-allied Belarus in late June, ending their rebellion and allowing their leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, to evade criminal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ukraine’s Kherson region

Where did the shelling take place that resulted in seven deaths including a baby girl?

The shelling occurred in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region, specifically in the villages of Shiroka Balka and Stanislav.

Who were the victims of the artillery shelling in the village of Shiroka Balka?

The victims were a family comprised of a husband, wife, 12-year-old boy, and a 23-day-old girl, along with another resident of the village.

What recent military progress has been reported by Ukraine?

Ukrainian military officials have reported some success near a key village in the southern Zaporizhzhia region, capturing other unspecified territories, and having “partial success” in the Robotyne area.

Was there an incident involving a Russian warship and a commercial ship?

Yes, a Russian warship fired warning shots at a Palau-flagged cargo ship in the south-western Black Sea. This was the first time Russia targeted a commercial vessel beyond Ukraine since exiting a UN grain deal.

What happened in the city of Belgorod?

An explosion occurred in an apartment building in Belgorod, damaging the facade, windows, and 15 nearby parked cars. No casualties were reported, and the cause is under investigation.

What information is available about the Wagner mercenary group?

The Wagner mercenary group has been key in Russia’s military campaign, but British defense officials believe the Kremlin may have ceased funding. The group may be downsizing, and Belarusian authorities are now considered the “second most plausible paymasters.”

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