39 Missing After Chinese Fishing Boat Capsizes in Indian Ocean – Reports

by Joshua Brown
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Yesterday, a Chinese fishing boat operating in the Indian Ocean capsized and 39 people were reported missing! There were 17 Chinese people, 17 Indonesian people and 5 Filipinos on board the vessel. It happened at 3am Tuesday morning.

The Chinese President and Prime Minister have given instructions for all the government departments to search and rescue anyone who may have become lost at sea. President Xi said that they must do their best in such operations. The Prime Minister gave orders to try to reduce any future casualties by making sure that ships stay safe when travelling at sea or fishing.

Nobody knows why the boat tipped over. Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines offered to help with the search for survivors. The capsizing happened really far away from Australia at around 4,600 kilometers (2,900 miles).

Right now, a bunch of ships and a special Australian plane called the P-8A Poseidon are scouring around the Indian Ocean. This ocean is on the east side of Africa and western Australia between some middle eastern countries like Arabia and South Asia. Sadly, they still haven’t found any survivors or life rafts.

The Philippine Coast Guard Command Center is tracking this situation closely and working with other teams to try to find out more information from where the ship was last seen.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said they are taking care of a search in an area that is very far away and hard to reach in the Indian Ocean, which is around 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) away from Perth city by the sea. They received a signal calling for help from a fishing vessel at 5:30am Tuesday morning, Australian time, but the weather on Tuesday was really bad. Fortunately, it got much better by Wednesday.

Boats that usually fish and carry supplies were looking for survivors on Wednesday. A special airplane from Perth will drop a lifebuoy to help understand which direction the current is taking, so that they can search for people more effectively.

The Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 was found along the coast of Shandong Province, China which belongs to the Penglai Jinglu Fishery Co. Ltd. The Indonesian agency asked another Chinese vessel named Lu Peng Yuan Yu 018 to search around the boat’s overturned area for any survivors.

China has a large number of fishing boats, some of which stay out at sea for many months. These vessels are monitored and maintained by Chinese state agencies and lots of other boats that help them.

Meanwhile, along the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean, Myanmar and Bangladesh have been sadly hit by a bad storm – it destroyed a lot of things and killed at least 21 people, with hundreds more still missing.

Boats from China have been seen using big nets to try and catch too many tuna, which is a kind of fish, from the Indian Ocean. A watchdog group based in Norway said this is not allowed and it worries them because countries aren’t working together enough to keep different types of sea creatures safe.

A group called Trygg Mat Tracking discovered that the number of squid fishing boats in the Indian Ocean (where it is not regulated) has grown six times since 2016. In 2022, there was a dangerous situation between the U.S. Coast Guard and Chinese vessels near Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands because they were trying to figure out if anyone was illegally fishing.

Chinese fishing boats that break the laws often don’t turn on their tracking devices which show where they are located, or they leave it on but give false information.

In 2014, there was a plane called Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that was carrying 239 passengers and suddenly disappeared over the Indian Ocean. It was flying from Kuala Lumpur when its tracking device suddenly stopped working, making it completely invisible on civilian radar screens. The plane still hasn’t been found yet.

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