2023 NFL Draft: Live Updates on Who Will Be the First Pick?

by Joshua Brown
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Today is the start of the NFL draft! At 1pm, there will be all kinds of exciting activities and music at Union Station in Kansas City. Then, at 8pm, you can watch who gets chosen on the NFL Network, ABC, ESPN or ESPN Deportes. The Carolina Panthers are up first and they’re likely going to pick one of two quarterbacks – either Bryce Young or C.J Stroud! Keep an eye out for updates from reporters across the U.S throughout the night!

If you want to know when, where and how to watch the NFL draft plus get a Mock Draft and see if your predictions are better than ours, then listen up! The Carolina Panthers have the favorite pick for this year’s draft so keep an eye out. It all begins at 2 p.m. today, but unfortunately five teams won’t have any first-round selections, so their parties may not be as exciting as last year.

Moving up in the draft to get a quarterback has become common, but some teams (Broncos, Rams and Browns) did something different by trading their first-round picks in 2023 for veteran quarterbacks instead. The 49ers won’t have a first-rounder because they used it to trade for Trey Lance in 2021 and the Dolphins lost theirs as punishment for trying to sign Tom Brady and Sean Payton from other teams. Josh Dubow from AP Football wrote an article about the best/worst trades for quarterbacks.


It’s almost time for the NFL Draft, and everyone is wondering who can pull off the most eye-catching fashion statement! Some of this year’s top hopefuls like Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson have been busy choosing their looks. But have you ever wondered who was the first person to make a bold impression on draft night? Since 1989, when Deion Sanders dressed up in tracksuit and gold chains (!), many others have tried to make a similar impact with their edgier dress codes. Let’s take a look back at some of these famous fashion moments in time!


11:45 a.m.

Bijan Robinson is likely to be the very first running back chosen in this year’s NFL draft, but it’s unknown yet how high he will go. He is a talented player and should be picked in the top ten, but teams do not value running backs as much these days. Since 2018, when Saquon Barkley was taken at pick number two by the Giants, only four other running backs have been selected in the first round; none were higher than number 24.

“People have different thoughts about running backs in sports and this can be understood. However, having somebody who can play as a receiver, move around the field, and even affect the game like a great running back is when their value really stands out,” said Robinson to Rob Maaddi from AP Football Writer.

Someone said: “If this was 20 years ago, you’d probably be the first pick in the draft”. But I think that if someone can do many awesome things on and off the field, then they are even more valuable.

At 10am today, the NFL Draft is taking place at Union Station in Kansas City. This is one of the biggest events next to the Super Bowl and a huge stage has been set up for it.

For a long time, the draft used to be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York. But since 2015 its become very popular among people and it has been travelling around different cities! This event has been really great for the National Football League (NFL), teams, and those host cities too.

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