2 Chinese Navy Ships Arrive in Singapore for Joint Drills: What to Expect

by Madison Thomas
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China’s military sent two ships to Singapore to practice with the Singaporean navy and participate in a special maritime safety show. This show is happening today and it’s part of China trying to take control over the South China Sea.

The United States and the Philippines are having a big argument with China. This happens because the US and its friends do not like China’s new activities which has made their relationship even worse than before.

China’s state television announced that two of their ships, “Yulin” and “Chibi”, will be attending a special Maritime Show. This show will last three days (May 3-5) and will have 25 warships from 62 different countries visiting.

Singapore is trying to remain neutral and not get involved between the competing U.S. and China. China does not have any military allies, but has regularly been joining forces with Russia to challenge the West’s power in global issues.

In February, some armed forces from China, Russia and South Africa met at the bottom of Africa to have a drill. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a meeting with the most important Chinese foreign policy maker in Moscow. This made people worried that China might help Russia to fight against Ukraine.

Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping went to Moscow and met with Putin. However, this month China said they won’t be selling weapons to anyone involved in the Ukraine war.

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